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Kaizen is Japanese for good change. It has become synonymous with continuously making small improvements.

Torii passage

Image by Stéfan Le Dû

Reality check! You won’t become a great programmer over night no matter how many blog posts or books you read. You won’t suddenly become a good programmer just because you tried out a new design pattern and think you understand how it’s applied.

But you are reading this blog post and hopefully you will learn something new and that is a small improvement. The design pattern you tried out and understood was also an improvement in skill. Every time you read something new on programming you are improving.  All those improvements add up over time and suddenly you are no longer a mediocre programmer,  you are someone who used to be mediocre and are well on your way to becoming great.

What you must do, is be aware of your improvements and your strive for them.  If you keep doing the same thing at work every day, you will be doing the same thing and making the same errors ten years from now. But if you try out something new today and every day for the next ten years, the odds of you doing the same things and mistakes are minimal.

Swirling books

Swirl of Books by Judit Klein

Books are as I stated in another post a great way to become a better developer. One way to become better every day is reading. If you read about software development and programming for one hour every day you will read approximately one book a week. That will add up to about 50 books a year! Just imagine the knowledge and experience you will have taken part of by reading all those books. Imagine future conversations with your fellow programmers after knowing that you have 50 books worth of knowledge to back up your statements. And just imagine yourself 10 years from now with knowledge from 500 books in your head.

Image of Haiku Ladder, stairs disappear in the mist. Representing that the Kaizen way of small improvements every day will lead to unknown heights.500 books just by reading a little every day, major improvement in knowledge by making continuous small improvements every day. Keep making them and who knows where you’ll end up.


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